Blog Time –

Finally, my new website is up and running, and i’m starting my blog…. Why? i’m not sure! but i’m doing it because thats the advice i’ve been given.

Building a new website is not easy, collecting all the information together along with all the content is one heck of a process!, its been made easier bolting it all together because firstly it makes me realise what a fantastic collection of wedding and bridesmaid dresses we have, and secondly it gives me chance to come off the shop floor and have a real look at what To Have and To Hold are all about.

You may be aware that July was a momentous move for To Have and To Hold Bridalwear, I’ve bought my new shop, mainly because renting is dead money (and hopefully its a good investment too) but i’m happy to invest in Mirfield. Our Shopfitters Craig Miller did a heroic job in just over 4 weeks and have literally transformed the shell of what was the old Blockbuster building into something bespoke, meets our needs and it’s something that makes me smile every time I walk through the door. Its perfect.

I have a real passion for all things wedding, but the first problem i’ve encounted what do you call these items I sell!!, wedding gown or wedding dress?, i’ve opted for dresses, gown is old fashioned!, funny how little things mean so much when you have about 200 dresses to name and get online!

Anyway, I hope you like my new website, and you keep an eye on my blog from time to time, which im going to try and do at least once a week!.

Clare x