Tips tips for selecting your wedding party…


1. Think a few times before you ask.

Once you’ve asked someone to play a part in your wedding party, you can’t change your mind. So while it may be tempting to ask all of your favorite friends to be your bridesmaids and men in suits the minute you get engaged, don’t.  Give yourself a few weeks, even a couple of months, if you can, to mull over the options. think to yourselves: Do you imagine you’ll be just as close to this person in 3 years as you are now? If you simply can’t decide, then consider also how they will get along with the rest of your Wedding Party, if you think there may be problems it may be best to leave them off your list.

2. Consider your expectations.

How hands on are you wanting your Wedding Party to be, do you need help Wedding Dress shopping, addressing Wedding invitations, shoe and accessory shopping, or are you wanting them to be there on the day and wear what you choose for them. Consider how close and how far away they live so you’re not disappointed if they can’t make it. Why not invite the Wedding Party to a one off event, one evening. For example a favour making party, with a few drinks and nibbles thrown in!

3. Think about the size of your Wedding.

It’s up to you! You can have as many bridesmaids and men in suits as you like. The average Wedding Party size is eight, four bridesmaids and four groomsmen. Consider this as a guide. However, there’s nothing to say you can’t have 12 bridesmaids! But bear in mind, the more bridesmaids and groomsmen you have, the more people you have to work with. Work around time schedules for and consider when choosing different styles and colours to wear. If there are too many people you’re wanting to include why not give them other important roles, like usher, or a volunteer to do a reading.

4. Choosing a Maid of Honour and Best Man

This may not be an easy task as it’s such an important role. The best people for the jobs are the friends or family members who are the most responsible that you feel the closest to. You will rely on them to hold onto the wedding rings! And for the big Wedding Plans. They will need to be good at providing emotional support from time to time too. And if they’re super fun that’s a big bonus as they should be the ones to plan the hen and stag do’s!! If you can’t pick, it’s also OK to have two Best Men and two Maids of Honour!

5. Don’t ask someone just because they asked you.

This is a big No No. You may feel differently about each other now. You don’t need to ask someone to be in your Wedding because they asked you. You may put yourself in a position where you’re asking the friend from college that you haven’t seen in a few years just to return the favour.
And if they do ask why they aren’t in your Wedding Party just be honest. Explain that it was a tough decision, but that you wanted the people you feel closest to now. And so you had to leave out some special ones.

6. Give out other roles.

You may have a very talented musician friend who would love to play something for you at the reception, or the friend who is a journalist and would be amazing at putting a reading together for the ceremony. You may have a dear friend who you want to ask to distribute order of service.

7. Kids aren’t required.

If you don’t have any children who you feel close to you don’t have to have a flowergirl or pageboy. Alternatively you may know a few children who you’d both like to include. Why not have three flower girls instead of one and let them all scatter flower petals. Or two pageboys to walk down the isle together holding a “Here Comes The Bride” sign.